We develop navigation system for logistics and service robotics. Our mission is to broaden the use of robots in everyday business and life. Early adopter customer companies are currently working with our solutions.


Alessandro Settimi

Position: CEO & co-founder
Ph.D. in Information Engineering
Interests: Planning and control of humanoid robots and autonomous vehicles and robots software architecture.

Danilo Caporale

Position: CTO & co-founder
Education: Ph.D. in Information Engineering
Interests: Robust and optimal control, with applications to vehicles, biological and humanoid robotic systems.

Lucia Pallottino

Position: Scientific Advisor & co-founder
Education: Ph.D. in Robotics and Industrial Automation
Interests: Motion planning and control of humanoids or autonomous vehicles, optimal control of constrained systems, distributed control of multi-robot vehicles.

Matteo Razzanelli

Position: Robotics engineer
Education: Ph.D. in Information Engineering
Interests: Guidance, navigation and control of aerial, terrestrial and marine unmanned vehicles, distributed control algorithms and Model Predictive Control (MPC).

Luca Bonamini

Position: Robotics engineer
Education: Master Degree in Robotics Engineering
Interests: Navigation systems for mobile robots, localization and mapping for high speed vehicles, advanced perception systems.


Proxima Robotics was founded in December 2017 as a Spin-Off of the Research Center “E. Piaggio” of the University of Pisa and it is based in Pisa, Italy.

The team has experience in innovative research and development in robotics, ranging from autonomous cars, underwater ROVs, humanoid robots. Some examples are: Roborace, Walk-man, ILIAD, Alter-Ego, WIMUST.