Jobot is a low budget AGV, produced by Eutronica s.r.l. and designed to carry small loads in intralogistics applications. It does not require heavy changes in the working environment and it navigates through predefined routes between points of interests. In this project, Proxima Robotics s.r.l. took in charge the development of the on-board software, including but not limited to: mapping, localization, navigation, robot motion, recharge docking system, collision avoidance and mission management.


MecGeos is a new robot, produced by Monitor The Planet s.r.l., designed for automating tasks in the geomatics field. The robotic system carries the surveying instruments, such as laser scanners and total station, across uneven terrain and stabilize the support platform, to obtain a successful environment scan. In this project, Proxima Robotics s.r.l. participated to the design of the mechanical part and led the design of the electronic and control parts (robot base motion, support platform auto-alignment) and HMI development.